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Holiday Menu


Here at Geier's we are more than happy to help make your best Thanksgiving dinner!  Whether you would like to make everything from scratch or would like an oven ready meal we are here to help!  Our Amish turkeys come in fresh, never frozen, and you can taste the difference.  Take a look below and you will be pleasantly surprised how much easier we can make Thanksgiving so you can enjoy the day with family and friends!  Give us a call at (941) 923-3004 and we will be more than happy to take your order.


Thanksgiving Menu for 2016

Fresh Amish Turkey

Fresh Amish Turkey - $2.99lb

Fresh Amish Turkey Breast- Bone-In - $5.99lb

Fresh Amish Turkey Breast- Boneless - $6.99lb

Smoked Amish Turkey - $5.99lb

Smoked Amish Turkey Breast - Boneless - $7.99lb

Brine Turkey additional $10.00 

Oven ready Turkey additional $15.00

(includes the turkey being cleaned, seasoned plus carrots, onion, and  celery all in a cooking bag in a cooking tray with cooking instruction)

Fully Cooked Turkey additional $25.00

(includes everything the oven ready turkey has plus it is fully cooked with 1 quart of homemade gravy  and reheating instructions)


All beef comes from local Florida ranches and the hams are made right here in Sarasota the old fashioned way! 

Local Seminole Beef Tenderloin - Whole $14.99lb (average 5-8 lbs)

Trimmed $ 25.99lb 

Local Seminole Bone-In Prime Rib $13.99lb 

Mini Baked Ham $ 8.99lb 


All of our sides our homemade from scratch right in our kitchen!

Au Gratin Potatoes $5.99lb

Mashed Potatoes $3.99lb

Twiced Baked Potatoes $5.99lb

Green Bean Casserole $4.99lb

Fresh Sweet Potato Casserole with Walnut crust $6.99lb

Canned Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows $4.99lb

Red Cabbage with Goose Schmaltz $6.99lb

Roasted Asparagus with Caramelized Onions and Almonds $8.99lb

Broccoli Casserole  $5.99lb

Jeff's Cranberry Relish  $6.99lb

Cranberry Sauce $4.99lb

Homemade Bread Stuffing $3.99lb

Sausage Stuffing $4.99lb

Homemade Turkey Gravy $7.99 Quart

Homemade Turkey Gravy with Giblets $8.99lb