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Bauernwwurst - 1 pound - (Smoked Bratwurst) Well trimmed pork and beef COARSLEY ground, mixed with natural spices and slowly smoked.
Bologna Knocks - 1 pound - Well trimmed pork and beef FINELY chopped, mixed with natural spices and slowly smoked.
Bratwurst - 1 pound - Finely chopped veal and pork with specially blended natural spices, fully cooked.
Debrizener - 1 pound - A Hungarian Favorite. This sausage is well known for its spicy flavor and wonderful taste.
Frankfurter - 1 pound - Select cuts of beef, pork and veal finely chopped and smoked to perfection, stuffed in a natural casing to keep in all the wonderful flavor and give the sausage its famous snap
Hot Dogs Skinless - 1 pound - The same quality sausage as our natural casing Frankfurter without the casing.
Weisswurst - 1 pound - Made of fineyly chopped veal. This sausage is mildly seasoned with fresh parsley and is very low in sodium and fat. 


7 lbs of product additional weight for packaging and ice.


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  1. Her Bohleys review

    Posted by Carroll Bohley on Mar 16th 2020

    This is want I want, too bad I live indiana but I will be ordering on at least semi annual basis

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