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#008 Geiers Variety Pack

15.00 LBS

Product Description


4 Pcs. Bratwurst, finely chopped veal and pork with specially blended natural spices and fully cooked.

4 Pcs. Bauernwurst , (Smoked Bratwurst), Well trimmed pork and beef coarsely ground, mixed with natural spices and slowly smoked.

4 Pcs. Frankfurter (Natural Casing), select cuts of beef, pork, and veal finely chopped and smoked to perfection. Stuffed in a natural casing to keep in all the wonderful flavor and give the sausage its famous snap.

1 Pc. Delicatessen Liver Sausage, finely chopped pork, veal and liver to form a pate like spread.

1/2 lb. Blood Thueringer, very nutritious blood sausage stuffed in a natural casing to give it that Old World flavor.

1/2 lb. V. Loaf, finely chopped veal and pork specially blended with natural spices and baked in a loaf.

1/2 lb. Souse (Sulze), diced pork in gelatine with onions, vinegar and spices.

1/2 lb. Landjager, lean cuts of pork and beef combined with natural spices to make the perfect salami snack.

Approximate weight 5 1/2 lb additonal weight for packaging and ice.


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