Easter Menu


 Ham and Pork

All hams are made in house and we promise you won’t find a tastier one around!  No artificial colors or flavors our hams are all flavor!  


Hessishen Ham              Mini Hessishen Hams

 weighs 5-8lbs.                            weighs 2-4lbs.



Traditional Smoked Bone-In Ham


Weighs 5-24lbs


Traditional Smoked Bone-In Ham


weighs 5-24lbs


Swedish Ham Uncooked                  Swedish Ham Cooked  

weighs 6-9 lbs.                                           weighs 6-9 lbs.


Pork Crown Roast





Rack of Lamb                   Marinated Rack of Lamb


Leg of Lamb Bone-In

can be marinated upon request


Leg of. Lamb Boneless

can be marinated upon request




Trimmed Beef Tenderloin 

Prime Rib 




       Fresh Polish Kielbasa                                       Smoked Polish Kielbasa


Smoked Polish Ham Kielbasa                                    Easter Bockwurst             




Prepared Meals 

From our Kitchen to yours, all of our meals are made from scratch in house.  Able to serve 1-100 just let us know and we will have it ready to go for you to heat and serve.  So enjoy this hassle-free way to savor your holiday and relax because we got the cooking!


Lamb Rib Chop 

The rack of lamb is marinated for at least 24 hours with our homemade herb crust including fresh rosemary, sage, oregano, basil and thyme sautéed with minced garlic in extra virgin olive oil. The dinner includes 2 lamb rack chops paired with our braised tri-colored carrots and creamy smashed red potatoes.

$16.99 per meal 

$4.99 per additional chop


 Traditional Ham

Thick and juicy slices of our Hessishen Ham served with Au Gratin Potatoes and fresh Green Beans with caramelized onions and almonds. 

$12.99 per meal


Polish Kielbasa 

Our Smoked Kielbasa served with our famous homemade sauerkraut and traditional fried potatoes.

$10.99 per meal


Smoked Kassler Rippchen

(Smoked Pork Chop)

A flavorful smoked pork chop on a bed of homemade sauerkraut with carraway served with German Potato Salad and Carrot Salad.

$10.99 per meal


Rouladen Dinner

This traditional German dish is a staple in our family recipe book!  For those of you who are not familiar with this dish it is made w/ thin slices of beef shmeered with German Mustard.  Next a slice of bacon and stuffed with diced onions and German Pickles  then rolled and seared in butter on all sides.  Ready for the oven the Rouladen is slow simmered in a our secret gravy and served with Kartoffelknödel (potato dumpling) and red cabbage.  Meal comes with a paired bottled of wine and chocolate bunny.  

$65.99 per couple


Beef Wellington

Our take on this classic show stopper of a main dish.  Beef Tenderloin seasoned and seared and then wrapped with sautéed mushroom, garlic and covered in our house made liverwurst.  Then encased in puff pastry and ready to bake all you have to do is cook and serve.  Bake for 25-35 minutes and serve a show stopping dinner at ease.  



Sides and Sharables

As with everything else that comes out of our kitchen, all of our sides our made by hand in house with deliciousness in mind!



Red Cabbage with Goose Schmaltz



(Potato Dumpling)


Au gratin Potato 


Fresh Asparagus with Carmalized Onions and Almonds


Creamy Smashed Red Potato with Parsley


Braised Tri-Colored Carrots with Rosemary